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All the details and maps are accessible 24 hours a day, worldwide on your wedding website. With this feature you will avoid being bothered by your guests asking questions about where and when the events take place, and how to get there.


Before the wedding you can show up to 10 pictures of your engangement or favorite photos of the happy couple. Then after the wedding you can add upto 30 photographs of your wedding day and honeymoon.


Some guests seem to take their time returning the RSVP card that usually accompanies the invitation. Not many weddings go by without the need to call some guests directly to see whether they are planning to attend or not. Having a wedding website can reduce this pursuit. When guests visit the website to see all kinds of information and pictures they can RSVP at the click of a button.


We can supply a map of the wedding and reception venue, including a link to MultiMap to allow your guests to enter their home address and obtain directions to your chosen location.


This can communicates all the necessary information to the guests coming from out of town. You can suggest places to stay, eat and include links to the relevant establishment if they have a website.


It is standard Wedding Etiquette not to include information about the Gift Registry in the Wedding invitation. However it is perfectly acceptable to broadcast your wedding website address. This allows you to tactfully inform your guests where you are registered and allows them to easily buy gifts online.


You can include the story of how you met, or friends and family who may only know one of the happy couple can read your biography to get to know you better before the big day.

and most of all for FUN !!

It's as easy as emailing the details you want to include and requires no technical skills whatsoever. Then all you need to do is include your wedsite address on your invitations and you are away!


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